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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

On an individual level, APS advises clients on insuring, protecting, and managing their estates. Among the most common traps a principal of a business falls into is underestimating the size of his or her estate and/or the potential tax consequences that it may face.

By helping clients prepare early on, APS can offer paths that will lessen or totally eliminate the tax bite and reduce probate costs, thereby preserving the estate for the benefit of whomever the principal desires.

As in retirement planning, the process of estate planning requires a gathering of all current financial data, conferring with our clients and their appropriate advisors, and establishing specific goals for the plan. After thorough evaluation of the data, we present the client with a comprehensive program of recommendations which could include trusts, wills, transfer of assets, or any number of other strategies that preserve capital. As with our clients’ retirement plans, we recommend a review of the program by the clients’ attorney and CPA to ascertain that all assets are provided for and that the goals, as stated, have been met.

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