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Retirement Plan Design

Retirement plans are today the single most important item on the agenda of business owners seeking a vehicle to provide substantial retirement income. They are the primary component of sheltering income and reducing business tax liability as well as a key segment of an employee benefits program. We know how to design the proper program for a specific business situation and how to keep it operating effectively over the long run.

At APS we have one goal: to build programs that fit the unique needs of each client. We meet with our clients and their professional advisors, review all pertinent financial data, and establish short and long-term goals. APS consultants take all these factors into consideration before designing the final plan, which may take the form of a profit sharing, 401(k), defined benefit, or other recognized qualified or non-qualified program.

After the plan has been adopted, we maintain continuous, hands-on monitoring for the purpose of advising the client of current performance, government compliance, and projected results.

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